Spare parts and overhaul on Extruders

Please note that the shown pictures have to be considered as a reference only.
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The shown pictures have to be considered as a reference only and represent the products that may be available, though the variety of products in our warehouse could be wider.Please fill out the information request form if a product meets with your requirements. We shall be happy to assist you on any specific request.

Bongioanni Extruder barrel TECNO 750 mm
Extruder auger shaft driving gear
Bore of bearing housing for Bongioanni Extruder 29MEC
Conical ring for Bongioanni extruder 29MEC
Extruder body wear plates
Spare parts for Bongioanni Extruder 29MEC
Reel shaft for Bongioanni extruder TECNO
Auger shaft driving wheel for Bongioanni Extruder 28M
Inside Linings for Bongioanni extruder TECNO 550M
Reels for Bongioanni extruder TECNO 650M
Lining pattern
Iron linings
Ring lining
Assembly of central wheel hub and ring
Manufacturing of the central wheel hub
Hub and external ring machining
Machining of the 2nd reduction pinion
Lining set for Bongioanni extruder Bongioanni TECNO
Machining of the front auger hubs for Bongioanni Extruder TECNO
Reel dowel
Set of extruder inside linings
Set of various gears for extruder and de-airing mixser
Toothing of the external ring
Bongioanni Extruder barrel TECNO 750 mm
Project and manufacturing of the adapter and gearbox for extruder type FUTURA II – Händle